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inodyn NewMedia GmbH's primary field of activity is research and development in the field of information technology (IT). We focus on products for the mass market. By creating unique selling points, we ensure that products that use our technologies not only are technically superior but also, in particular, stand out from the competition.
Innovation: Smart speaker
Patent Package
Voice Activation
available for sale or licensing

No voice response if voice command is not relevant: Conversations, radio, and television should not trigger unwanted responses!
Further topics: Activation word at the beginning, at the end, or within the utterance! Portfolio consisting of 6 assets.
Innovation: The notch for the selfie camera is located at the corner of the display.
Patent Package
The better notch
available for sale or licensing

Highly functional, stylish, and with a clear recognition value: The notch of the smartphone's front camera is moved to the corner(s) of the display thereby providing an uninterrupted status bar, a larger (i.e., higher) screen area for apps, and the ability to display wide-screen movies using the full width of the display with no notch getting in the way, among other features and advantages.

Innovation: New touchscreen gesture for smartwatch.
Patent Package

Method for gesture control
available for sale or licensing

A second universe full of novel touchscreen gestures. New, unique, and catchy gestures for smartphones, smartwatches, and wearables. Portfolio consisting of 4 assets.

Shingled Magnetic Recording: Invention reduces the write amplification of a SMR system.
Patent Package
Shingled Magnetic Recording
available for sale or licensing

This patent package reduces the immanent write amplification (read-modify-write) of a Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) storage system significantly and handles defective sectors in an efficient and space-saving way.

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